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Seeking a comfortable, secure and premium quality knee sleeve to protect one of your body’s most important joints from injury? Look no further than Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves!

Boasting optimal performance, support and knee protection, Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves are made from 5 mm of premium grade Neoprene that has been fortified with four-thread ultra-stretch to handle the full force of any workout. Vantage Strength has carefully designed a knee sleeve that provides joint support, protection, compression and flexibility when you need it most.

From protecting your joints to preventing injury, knee sleeves help to support your body through the stress of training and to reduce the trauma you experience during an intense workout. Better still, protecting your knees offers so much more than just knee protection – it ensures that your hips and ankles are safeguarded during exercise to help you get the most out of your performance and results.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Quality materials – Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves are made from a 5mm premium grade Neoprene that has been reinforced with four-thread ultra-stretch to withstand the full force of any workout regime.
  • Versatile usage – These carefully designed knee sleeves are suitable for a range of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, powerlifting, CrossFit and most other forms of strength training where knee protection and support is a necessity.
  • Value for money – Unlike most knee sleeves available on the market, Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves are sold in pairs for maximum value and support.

Whether you’re looking to support a weakened knee or are simply looking to protect your knees against injury, a knee sleeve is the perfect way to keep your body’s most used limbs out of harm’s way. For quality, comfort and flexibility, there’s no better choice than Vantage Strength Knee Sleeves!


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