Platinum Gainz




Platinum Gainz Serious Mass Gainer 2kg By JDN is a High Protein Lean Gainer to help pack on Quality Lean Muscle Tissue while improving Recovery from Hard Training.

  • Formulated to benefit the most sensitive gut the Platinum Gainz contains a Specific blend of Fast Digesting Whey Protein Isolate and Slower Digesting Milk Protein Concentrate to help deliver a constant flow of Nitrogen Rich Nutrients to Muscle to boost Muscle Growth and Recovery.
  • What Makes Platinum Gainz different is the use of Quality Whole Food Carbohydrate Sources like Sweet Potato and Waxy Maize that helps deliver quality carbohydrates to boost Muscle Glycogen levels.
  • Added MCT to help boost Energy but also to optimise the fat burning ability of the body.
  • Added Digezyme that makes sure this formula is easy to digest .
  • I Serve = 4 Scoops

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