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Are you ready to smash some PR’s, hit the gym with maximum energy and feel amazing after your next training session? Make the most out of your workouts with 100% Pure Citrulline Malate by Switch Nutrition. Citrulline is an amino acid that is produced by the body and can be found in foods and supplements. It has some incredible benefits, which is why athletes around the globe are incorporating it into their workout regimes. While supporting overall athletic performance, this supplement helps reduce muscle fatigue and weakness, increases energy and helps improve stamina and endurance.  

Whether you’re on your way to becoming a pro athlete or striving to be the best version of yourself, 100% Pure Citrulline by Switch Nutrition should be the next addition to your routine. 

When you take 100% Pure Citrulline by Switch Nutrition you will: 
  •  Support endurance 
  •  Help reduce muscle fatigue 
  •  Increase energy levels 
  •  Supports you during rest and recovery 

If you’re finding that you’re not where you expected to be in your fitness journey and the results you currently have aren’t what you want100% Pure Citrulline Malate by Switch Nutrition could be exactly what you need. You know you have what it takes to reach your fitness goals, but it’s okay to get a little extra support to get you there. Push yourself, challenge yourself and fuel yourself with 100% Pure Citrulline Malate by Switch Nutrition. 

In each serving of 100% Pure Citrulline Malate by Switch Nutrition you receive: 
  •  3000mg of citrulline malate 
  •  10.5 calories 
  •  2 grams of protein 
  •  44kj 


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